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  • 19 Nov 2018 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    The November/December 2018 GHS Newsletter is out!

    Some of the highlights include:

    - Night at the Museum
    - Christmas Tea
    - It's A Wrap Report
    - Mothra!
    - Heinz Rubel's Armistice
    - WWII in Glendora
    - What Is It?
    - The Oak Sentinel

    Check it out here.

  • 16 Sep 2018 12:46 PM | Anonymous

    History Buffs Contribute!

    The Society loves monuments. Do you?
    Here is your opportunity to contribute to the preservation of monuments  through photography!

    Wiki Loves Monuments is an annual photo competition hosted by Wikipedia to improve coverage of historic and cultural sites throughout the United States. Participants submit their photographs of cultural heritage monuments to the Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects.

    Anyone is welcome to contribute photos they've taken of registered cultural and historical sites throughout the United States. (Hint: Rubel Castle is a nationally-registered historic site!)

    The best photos will win cash prizes and be submitted to the international competition! This competition is open only during September. To enter your photographs, go to: Wiki Loves Monuments 2018

    Already posting pictures of Rubel Castle on Instagram, Twitter or FaceBook? Help us get the word out by using one or more of the following hashtags... #Rubel #Castle #Rubelia #Glendora #GlendoraHistoricalSociety #Wikipedia

    If you wish to photograph the Castle, book a tour!: To learn about Rubel Castle's historic status: Rubel Castle National Historic Register
  • 10 Aug 2018 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Our entry at Glendora's 31st Flashback Festival

    Michael Rubel's old grove tractor from Rubel Castle is our classic vehicle entry. It pushes. It tugs. It lifts and carries personnel and rocks. This three-wheeled machine even blows exhaust out the front! On display at Glendora's 31st Flashback event, the Glendora Historical Society will show off this unique item on August 18, 2018.

    Michael Rubel began collecting vehicles and farm machinery by age 11 and was known in his teens to be a superb mechanic. He eventually owned over 70 vehicles and entered many of them in the Glendora Bicentennial Parade in 1976 and the Glendora Centennial Parade in 1986. Before his passing he had sold most of them, but the Castle property retains an iconic example of his collection of tractors, trucks, one-lungers, Western pump engines, wagons, and even a couple of luxury cars. See a nice exploration of Castle vehicles on this blog.

    Our entry this year is this jury-rigged dozer, which was likely made by a local outfit, like Hastie's Blacksmith and Foundry, on Michigan Ave. "When the workers weren't clearing boulders and debris for the machine to progress they occupied the bench for ballast, giving traction for pushing optimum dirt and rocks. Remember the huge rock piles in some of the groves, like the one that Earl Comstock, Col. Hastie and Lee LaChance created in the midst of their three groves, between Bennett and Leadora, west of Loraine? What amazing work the initial planters of citrus had to do! They did it, too, working together as they competed for the best groves and maximum yields." --Christopher S. Rubel

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